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Unless represented by a PR Agency or Agent, please submit your contribution via

We fully support up and coming artists with a voice and story to share.

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Life is Art Magazine focuses on healing, art, entertainment, and more! We have featured incredible talent including:

"The Office" - Melora Hardin

Akashic Reader - Debbie Solaris

"Stranger Things" Actor - Matty Cardarople

"Peaky Blinders" Actor - Matthew Postlethwaite

ABC's 'For Life" Actress - Tyla Harris

CBS's 'BULL' Actor - Alan R. Rodgriquez

Top Model - Jarry Lee

Entrepreneur & Healer - Sara Al Madani

Entrepreneur & CEO - Armand Peri 

Emmy Nominated Director - Rachel Mason

Celebrity Designer - Radmila Lolly and MORE!


We are interested in photo editorials, written articles, artists, healers, and exclusive interviews with a variety of talent (musicians, actors, motivational speakers, healers, designers, etc.) We specifically want our brand to be about shedding light on important issues such as human rights, animal rights, sustainable fashion, mental health, mediation, yoga, astrology, reincarnation, organic nutrition, etc. 


-2,000-3,000 word article via Word Doc file.

-5-8 300dpi JPG images supporting you're article's theme and story. 

-Photographer and creative team credits. (First/Last Name, Social Media)



6-8 images in high resolution 300dpi within the L.I.A. MoodBoard esthetic.

-Photographer and creative team credits. (First/Last Name, Social Media)

-3 Different Looks within the editorial.


Please email your press release to

Press release must include the following:

1.  Talent Bio via Word Document

2. Talent Social Media and Website

3. 10-20 300dpi professional images with Photographer and creative team credits.

4. Please include causes and charities the talent is passionate about, and how they are using their platform to shed light on the topic(s).

*Please forgo from submitting over published photos.* If talent needs updated visual content,  please have them book a PR Media Photoshoot Package with us HERE

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