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Studio 2

Includes Speakeasy, Moroccan Tea Den, and Disco Bathroom

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Enter into a different Time Period as you step into the Speakeasy, an Eclectic 1920s inspired room with Art from Across the Globe, complete with an Art Deco Bar set, a French Couch, sleek epoxy Marble Tables, and Art from well renowned artists such as @milestoland and @darkoski. Perfect for Photoshoots, Workshops, Yoga, Soundbaths, Tastings, and any Experience you can dream up!

Includes: Obelisk of Light, 40+ Folding Chairs, Art Deco Bar, Projector and Screen, Model Vanity Area, Full Length Gold Wall

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Moroccan Tea Den

The Hidden Gem of Dream Co, the Moroccan Tea Den is a Secret Room within the Speakeasy that is a guest favorite. Get inspired by Vibrant Colors, Mood Lighting, and a low hanging ceiling covered in Textured Fabrics. Sit on Floor Cushions around an Antique coffee table. This room was built to spark the imagination, and has been used for anything from Photoshoots, Tea Ceremonies, 1:1 Client Meetings, and a multitude of Practitioner Services.

Disco Bathroom

At Dream Co, we believe every room should be an experience. The Disco Bathroom is no exception. Built for Function, Fashion, and Fun, you'll want to spend extra time inside Snapping Pics against the Record Wall, Sound Equalizer wall made out of cassette tapes, and mirrored Disco Toilet. The bathroom also includes a Shower and a Disco Ball!

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